The VUE at Lake Eola luxury condominium was architecturally conceived to include a curated, permanent art collection program in its public and common residential areas. BOBOSART commissioned several thought provoking art works by local and regional artists, including works that required large format printing that integrated seamlessly with the building's architecture and interior design.  The relationship between the built and natural environment was established as a common theme throughout the lobby and amenities areas, using a variety of art works in diverse mediums, including sculpture, paintings, encaustic wax, mixed media, glass, and bronze. The VUE project also includes a rotating showcase of local artists' work. 

BOBOSART also designed a unique program for working with youth from the nearby Parramore community on the theme “Finding My Way.” Through a series of eight workshops in four community centers located in the Parramore Kids Zone, Victoria’s team of artists worked with underprivileged kids to produce over 150 artworks. Artist Marcos Cruz, a local and emerging artist who works internationally, engraved every child’s artwork onto architecturally integrated sculpture that he designed aesthetically to reveal the children’s artworks subtly as visitors approach the elevators of the arena’s parking garage, to reference the architecture, to establish a relationship with Starke’s exterior art, and to be aligned with the color palette for parking garage way finding.