.....Works of art can be divided into three categories: "Oh," "Oh my," and "Oh my God."



Luxury Design Director and Fine Art Curator

Born and raised in an artistic Italian family on the Adriatic coast and in New York, Victoria has been immersed in fine art and contemporary design all her life. Although she began her career as a Licensed Attorney for the State of Florida, she eventually co-founded BOBOSART, an award-winning art consulting firm specializing in tailored fine art solutions and multimedia environments. Her clients included CNL Financial Group, Hilton Worldwide, U.S. Trust Wealth Management, Charles Schwab, HKS Architects, Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, the Amway Center, the NBA’s first arena to receive LEED Silver Certification, and several Florida law firms and healthcare facilities. Victoria was also the former Director of the Luxury Marketing Council in Florida, where she advised leading luxury brands on how to gain competitive marketing advantage through sustainability initiatives, CSR programs, and niche philanthropic platforms. 

As a recreational boat owner, the Superyacht industry always caught her eye. While researching this specific sector to grow her company, she saw an inherent need to raise the quality of art curation services offered to yacht owners. Victoria ultimately connected with Clear Yacht International and Founded its Art Consultancy division. Given her leadership, sales and marketing experience, she eventually took on the role as the Director of New Business Development and Sustainable Luxury.  As a New York native and an Italian citizen, she brings to CYI a true understanding of authentic quality, European craftsmanship and the luxury lifestyle experience.

Victoria also serves as Co-Founder for Ports of Cause. She developed her deep respect for the natural environment and ocean waterways while canoeing in the lakes of Central New York, rowing the Adriatic in Italy as a teenager, and running her Black Jack center-console fishing boat in the Florida intracoastal waters as well as the Atlantic Ocean. She describes her role in POC as a social impact connector; the art of merging shared interests in wellness, innovation, and economic vitality with luxury and sustainability to effect change. In addition, she uses her experience with multi-sensory large-scale public art installations to create the tangible expression of POC's mission at a variety of events globally. 

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