Highlights from Electric / Hybrid Marine World Expo 2016 – FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida

Set against the backdrop of so many beautiful yachts in Fort Lauderdale, the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo chose the perfect location to show the Luxury Yachting industry that the technologies are sound, the equipment real world tested, the timing could not be better, and the experts are ready to engage in ushering in a new era for the industry.  If you were not in attendance, see highlights below

  • An abundance of collaboration between experts from yachting and commercial marine, both with ‘real world’ experience and equipment.

  • The Electric / Hybrid industry is uniquely qualified to engage with yachting as both are inherently customer-centric; always innovating to meet challenges that are of value to the Owner.

  • ‘Why’ Electric / Hybrid?  The obvious answer is emissions reductions and fuel savings but these are really only a beneficial by-product. Consider the following ‘sellable’ points:

    • Increasing Operational Efficiencies (with electronic technology to manage)

    • Unequaled In Port Maneuverability (due to low speed rpm/torque curve of electric propulsion)

    • Reduced Noise and Vibration (Silence is the Ultimate Luxury)

    • Zero Emission Modes (that ensure vessel operations in protected marine zones)

    • Proven Equipment (commercial marine and land based transportation such as buses, automobiles, heavy trucks, etc.)

    • Increased Redundancy and Safety (perfect for Expedition type yachting)

    • Application Flexibility (from a small tender to the largest ships)

It was pointed out by numerous exhibitors/attendees that Clear Yacht International was the only design firm known to be in attendance for this first Expo and speaks volumes to their commitment to a holistic, and sustainable approach to yacht new construction and refit. See link below for more information and contacts.

It should also be noted that Derecktor (New York and Florida) was the only shipyard exhibiting at this first Expo as they were featuring their recent build of a hybrid-electric drive research vessel by the yard in New York.  With a second one underway and a third nearing contract, this proves a progressive approach from a North American yard that is embracing the future with eyes wide open.

All in all, a truly unique learning process over three days that has provided invaluable knowledge and new strategic partners to the Clear Yacht International team.  Please reach out to Joyce Clear, Victoria Cerrone, or Ron Beilman for additional insights for your projects, large or small.

RI Americas 2015: December 8th and 9th, Bloomberg, NYC

Clear Yacht International and Ports of Cause's core team of Joyce Clear, Victoria Cerrone and Ron Beilman attended the Bloomberg Responsible Investment Conference of the Americas 2015, in New York City. 

The Conference focused on the economic returns and environmental investing opportunities across asset classes as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues for long-term investors.

The most critical issues on the agenda, include:

  • Live from Paris COP21: The economics of climate change and their translation into investment
  • The Fossil Free campaign and institutional carbon divestment
  • Major developments in corporate governance in the Americas
  • Deep dive: low carbon, waste, and water technologies
  • The future of green financing: green bonds, real estate and infrastructure
  • The evolution of ESG in manager selection


Clear Yacht International Appoints New Partners and Launches the First Integrated Sustainable Yacht Design Program

Weston, CT (November 18, 2015) - Clear Yacht International is pleased to formally announce the appointment of two new partners to the firm, Ronald Beilman and Victoria Cerrone, as well as its launch of the first fully integrated sustainable yacht design and build program for the yachting industry.


Speaking Engagements


Clear Yacht participated in the invitation-only Ecological Debate and Conference aboard the 76.6m Explorer M/V YERSIN,  where forward-thinking yacht builders, architects and designers gathered to discuss a variety of ecological solutions in yacht design and the possibility of integrating them on a larger scale.

The Owner of M/V YERSIN presented his project,  “A.S.E.” (Adventure - Science - Education) during the show. This transoceanic vessel has a range of 12,000 miles, translating to 50 days of total autonomy andecological independence while at sea. She accommodates up to 20 passengers as well as 20 crew in total, and works with researchers and scientists from all over the world towards preservation and conservation.

Vienna Eleuteri, Celine Cousteau, Joyce Clear, Victoria Cerrone

Vienna Eleuteri, Celine Cousteau, Joyce Clear, Victoria Cerrone

22-24 FEBRUARY 2015

Responsible sustainable yachting: Luxury that is gentle with the environment

ON THE PANEL: Vienna Eleuteri, Céline Cousteau, Philippe Briand, Joyce Clear

Joyce Clear was proud to be a panelist at the Boat International Design Symposium for Sustainable Yachting. Along with a discussion on computational sustainability, sustainable yachts and the state of our oceans, Joyce focused on the topic of sustainable solutions. She discussed how sustainability stimulates innovation which yields progressive products and new revenue streams, ultimately providing the industry with an opportunity for leadership in the world. She also discussed how sustainable products and processes have proven to result in higher levels of quality, efficiency and well-being without compromising aesthetics or the luxury lifestyle. Many fresh and innovative products used for the interior of yachts were also highlighted.


9 OCTOBER 2014

Joyce was honored to be a speaker on the “Quality Yachts, Innovations and Eco-Yachts” panel alongside Christopher Dlugokecki/RINA, Peter Southgate/Wright Maritime Group, Justin Iserhardt/ Lloyd’s Register, Vienna Eleuteri/Sustainability Manager, VSY and Ron Beilman/Clear Yacht Interiors/Ports of Cause. This conference featured many high profile speakers from yachting companies, yacht builders, designers, brokers, managers, service providers, charterers, ports, marinas, classification societies, financial institutions, politicians, associations, lawyers, accountants, registries, insurers, regulators, brokers and the media. The entire Yachting World gathered at this distinguished conference where the exchange of information and ideas made this it a great experience. http://mareforum.com/conference/1st-mare-forum-fort-lauderdale-yacht-summit-2014/


Joyce Clear, on behalf of her non-profit, Ports of Cause, organized a break-out session panel for Sustainable Yachting at the first Superyacht Summit at the Palm Beach Boat Show.