As an iconic sailing yacht designed by Phillipe Briand, Mari Cha III arrived at Derecktor Shipyards in Connecticut, for a major overhaul on a variety of items. Clear Yacht Interiors focused on completely transforming the interior wood surfaces, removing about 85% of the interior millwork, as well as designing, repairing, fabricating and installing select joinery pieces, stainless steel elements, stonework, specialty exterior fittings, upholstered items and lighting. After we completed the job in Connecticut we tightened her up at her final destination, La Ciotat Shipyard in France.

The transformation of the interior surfaces included over 6500 hours of sanding, catalysed body filling, fairing, priming and painting (Imron). The extent of damage on the veneer surfaces (previously wire-brushed and refinished in a white latex paint), lead to the decision of sanding all surfaces down to wood adding thousands of hours of “zen” sanding.


This labor-intensive work achieved an overall smooth, incredibly deep luster finish with a level of perfection that exceeded expectations. The additional custom joinery, stainless steel, stone, lighting and soft goods specialty work all contributed to a minimalist-oriented design showcasing a fluid, clean décor which purposely reflected the aerodynamic, streamlined and sleek exterior of this record-setting racing vessel.