This yacht was owned by the late Kelly Wright who was an avid fisherman, family man, and lover of the oceans and nature. She was an outdated vessel when we first went aboard and learned of the important aspects of his lifestyle and interests. We needed to optimize space and storage capacity across the board, improve traffic flow, upgrade all audio-visual and navigation equipment, reface and repair all cabinetry and wood surfaces, upgrade all heads, reconfigure the galley and update the interior design. In short, she would need to be transformed. The interior had to function for his family and his interests, whether out at sea fishing with friends, spending time with his kids water-sporting or entertaining friends, clients and colleagues aboard. She also needed to reflect craftsmanship and individualism with signature pieces and one-of-a-kind details as he was a builder of fine, custom multi-million dollar homes and had a great appreciation for design. 

The table was a signature piece we designed for Kelly. It would set the tone for the salon and dining area, and had to look as beautiful from above as it did from below as the underneath of the table could be seen while relaxing on the sofas opposite of the dining area. We created a custom fabricated Sapele flared “sleeve” that slipped over the base of the table, hiding the typical, displeasing steel base normally found on dining tables for yachts. The top of the table was made out of Bubinga wood that had a stunning watery pattern, accented by stainless steel line around the edges. The underside of the table showcased a solid tapered base with a stainless steel plate as a decorative accent