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The world of interior design presents the opportunity to create spaces that heal and comfort, and part of that opportunity is looking at design from a scientific approach including the effects of sound and vibration on human health... especially on yachts. The article, "Sound Effects" in May's issue of Dockwalk focused on just that and Clear Yacht International had the chance to contribute to the discussion.

"According to Clear, noise-and vibration-reducing technology can be the key to a healthier, happier and safer vessel for owners and crew." Active and passive noise control systems create a quieter environment which have a direct impact on the immune, cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. This directly reduces stress levels, increases productivity, and improves mental performance making for a much more enjoyable on-board experience for passengers and crew.

To learn more about solutions to mitigate vibration and noise, read the entire Dockwalk article, click on the image to the right. 



JOYCE CLEAR profiled by lux et al magazine alongside andrew winch and other notbale designers

JClear Yacht is the only interior design firm in the yachting industry achieving accreditation in the WELL Building Standard, the world’s first evidence based system that places human health, well-being and performance at the center of design.  “We are also impassioned by Biomimicry, a scientific and aesthetic approach to innovation and beauty that seeks sustainable solutions by emulating nature’s time-tested patterns and strategies. All of these design principles begin with an understanding of how every choice we make as designers affect where we all live and play.”

To read the article, click on the image to the right: PAGE 55



victoria Cerrone on sustainability and circular economy panel at METSTRADE NOVEMBER 2016, AMSTERDAM:

Victoria Cerrone, Panelist at METS 2016


with Enrico Benco, Go Sailing for a Change; Paolo Bertetti, Sanlorenzo; Eelco Leemans, Leemans Maritime Consultancy; Gerard Dykstra, Naval Architect




Joyce Clear, Panelist at MARE FORUM

Sustainable Innovation and its Vitality in the 'FUTURE OF YACHTING'

with Ches King, RINA USA Inc.; Justin Iserhardt, Lloyd’s Register NA; Richie Blake, Dohle Yacht; Harry Vordokas, Braemar; Martin Redmayne


superyacht design symposium 2015

Joyce Clear, Panelist, Superyacht Design Symposium, Kitzbühel, Austria


with Philippe Briand, the award winning Naval Architect and Yacht Designer, Celine Cousteau, Vienna Eleuteri


RI Americas 2015: December 8th and 9th, Bloomberg, NYC

Joyce Clear and Victoria Cerrone attended the Bloomberg Responsible Investment Conference of the Americas 2015, in New York City. 

The Conference focused on the economic returns and environmental investing opportunities across asset classes as well as environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues for long-term investors.


2015 initiatives & ACHIEVEMENTS

We also had some other notable initiatives from creating a new panel for Family Office Networks focused on "Yachting & Sustainable Innovation for the Blue Economy" to being interviewed at the Cannes Film Festival for sustainable yachting to authoring a piece in the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Banking and being published in Boat International's Megayachts book. Another highlight was attending the invitation-only ecological debate aboard M/V Yersin, and meeting Captain Watson, Founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


The Clear Group Principals (Yacht and Residential) have been panelists at several global forums and conferences including:

- 2016 METSTRADE, Amsterdam
- 2016 & 2014 MARE Forum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
- 2016 Fairfield County, Community Leadership Guest Speaker
- 2016 Ivy FON (Family Office Network) @ Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Boat Show
- 2015 M/V YERSIN Ecological Debate at Monaco Yacht Show
- 2015 Boat International Design Symposium, Kitzbühel, Austria
- 2015 Ivy FON (Family Office Network) @ Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Boat Show
- 2014 Luxury Marketing Association, New York City
- 2014 US Superyacht Association, Palm Beach, Florida



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